Gladstone High School

Gladstone High School

Message from the Principal

Kathleen Hoare

Gladstone High School is continuing to move ahead in providing the right education for every student.  Here we pursue excellence in all areas of a student's development, academically, socially, culturally and physically.

Gladstone High School has a proud academic, sporting and agricultural history, characterised by progressive approaches to teaching and learning. We have recently upgraded many of the specialist teaching areas in Technology, Food and Hospitality, Visual Art and Media.

We are not frightened of change, and examine and implement new ideas carefully to ensure our students are given the best possible educational opportunities.

At Gladstone High School, our approach to learning involves the availability of an extensive curriculum to allow all students to develop their unique talents and interests. We work with every young person to develop a strong career pathway that will enable them to proudly take their place in our Global society.

All members of the administration team and all coordinators have been appointed by our school through application and interview.  These people have been chosen for their leadership skills, ability to model excellent teaching practice, and their care for our students.

Our highly skilled staff work with the Student Leaders and our parents and families through our Governing Council.  Our commitment to maintaining excellent communication channels between the school and families is enabling our whole school community to move forward together.  Our strategic priorities are:

  • Improve Attendance rates
  • Improve Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Improve SACE achievement standards

Through each priority we are ensuring that our education and care programs are of the best possible quality.  We provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes mutual respect and tolerance for others, self-confidence, responsible decision making and acknowledges and celebrates personal and team achievement.
Parents, caregivers and friends are very welcome to contact me at school for further information or to arrange a school visit.  It will be our pleasure to showcase our school while the students are in class and answer your questions about our school programs.
Kathleen Hoare

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